Sunday, 26 April 2015

Tories call on young GOP activists to try to stave off Labour win

Mr Realpolitik has learned, via a post here (That was either deleted or subsequently removed) that the Conservative Party is bringing over GOP activists to campaign in critical marginal seats, to help see off Labour in the critical general election on May 7th.

The initiative, called the Young Republican UK Deployment plan, originally said that the plan was all about helping the Conservatives to beat Labour.

 As IBTimes reports "The Young Republican National Foundation's International Committee is organising a week-long trip for young GOP activists to campaign for David Cameron's Conservative Party in between sight-seeing and meetings with British politicians, activists and think-tankers."

 The groups' website declares "that while the Tories "have the most support nationwide, [a] clear majority isn't guaranteed... The identity of the next government and prime minister are far from certain." It says that the trip is a "unique opportunity to witness first-hand the 2015 General Election in the United Kingdom and to help our Conservative colleagues win."

 It is an embarassing admission on the part of the prime minister that his campaign is going badly. The latest Ashcroft polls show Labour significantly outperforming the Tories in many marginal seats, with the highest contact rates, and with undecided voters being more likely to lean Labour rather than Tory.

 They are primarily are expected to be canvassing in Enfield North, Aylesbury and Windsor, Tory and Royal country, but a small group may campaign aroung the country. The total cost of the all expenses paid trip is expected to be around several thousand $.

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