Tuesday, 27 January 2015

BREAKING NEWS- Ed Balls rules out Labour coalition with SNP after May Election

Ed Balls has ruled out a coalition between the Labour Party and the SNP, despite a Sky News projection which puts Labour well short of an overall majority on current polling.
Speaking on Sky News, Ed Balls, when asked if Labour would consider going into coalition with the Scottish Nationalists after the May election, simply replied "No."

Mr Balls was speaking in the immediate aftermath of a speech by Ed Miliband in Trafford, where the Labour Party leader pledged to protect the NHS from "Tory cuts", warning that the NHS is facing its "Most perilous moment."

"We will hire more doctors and by saving resources on privatisation and competition, we will end the scandal of patients having to wait days, even weeks, for a GP appointment," he told his audience in Manchester.

"We will use the resources we raise to hire 5,000 care-workers - a new arm of the NHS - to help elderly people stay healthy at home. And because we will be putting in place one system of health and social care we will end the scandal of care visits restricted to 15 minutes."

This comes as a poll for the Independent finds that the NHS will be the most important issue in deciding how people will vote.

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