Friday, 6 March 2015

Debates will go ahead, whether Cameron likes it or not, say broadcasters

The 2010 debates were watched by 25 million people

David Cameron faces being "Empty chaired" after the broadcasters yesterday reiterated their commitment to the election debates, it emerged yesterday.

Sky, ITV, Channel 4, and the BBC signed a statement urging the prime miister to taking part in the debates, saying that they would go ahead regardless of the PM's wishes, and that an empty chair would represent Cameron if he refused to take part.

It means that the Tory leader may be forced to attend the debates after all. The 2010 debates were watched by 25 million, and senior Tory sources has said the PM risks "Looking like a sellout" or a "Coward" if the debates go ahead without him.

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg urged David Cameron to drop his objections, tweeting: "you haven't got your own way so accept it and take part". Ed Miliband challenged the PM to a debate "Any time, any place", whereas Nigel Farage attacked Cameron, labelling him a "Chicken".

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