Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Tories take lead in polls for the first time since before "Omnishambles" in 2012

Opinion polls show the Tories are in the lead
Have the Tories taken the lead in the opinion polls? It looks likely, as most recent opinion polls have put them ahead. 3 polls have, however, also put Labour ahead, whilst 2 have had Labour and the Tories neck and neck. It may be too early to tell whether this crossover is a temporary blip for Labour or the start of a trend of consistent Conservative leads, and only time will tell if it is the latter. What is certain is that the opinion polls over the next week will be keenly watched and monitored by politicos.

The average of all polls across March so far is Conservatives 34%, Labour 33%, UKIP 15%, Greens 6%, Lib Dems 7%, others 6%.

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