Sunday, 29 March 2015

Tory Party panics as "Milibandmania" takes shape post debate.

The Conservative Party is reportedly panicking after a YouGov poll showed that Ed Miliband's personal ratings had improved dramatically.

The YouGov poll showed that Labour had surged into a 4% lead. Ed Miliband's personal ratings had also increased substantially, from -48% to -28%.

The poll seems to have led to panic in the Tory party, which had for weeks been predicting a crossover. The Times newspaper led with a story saying that 2 Tory MPs criticised David Cameron, for a series of "Unforced errors" and for a "Lack of passion".

The poll has thrown the election strategy adopted by Lynton Crosby into serious doubt. Crosby's strategy relied on personal attacks on Miliband and his personality. That may not work if Miliband's personal ratings continue to improve.

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