Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Political studies association verdict: Election 2015 way too close to call

The political studies association has concluded that general election 2015 is far too close to call.

The organisation, which brings together the predictions of 527 pollsters, academics, and journalists, says that the battle between the Tories and Labour had become far too close to call, primarily due to how tight things are looking in the marginal seats.

"Our inaugural expert survey points towards a tight election, in which Labour is marginal favourite to come out ahead in terms of seats – but where the gap between the parties in terms of both predicted votes and seats is so small as to make it pretty much neck-and-neck"

It suggests that both the Labour Party and Conservatives will end up on close to 280 seats. Current polls put Labour and the Tories level on the share of the vote. It looks like a tough race for both sides.

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