Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Cruddas uses church letter to endorse "Blue Labour" ideology

Remember the church of England letter from the church, advising Christians on how to vote? Now John Cruddas has written a review in the Guardian comment is free section endorsing what the church says. Cruddas has long been a cheerleader of the "Blue Labour" ideology, which seeks to adopt traditional Tory ideas such as the "Big society", family, tradition and nation, and blend them with social democratic economics.

In the review, Cruddas wrote:

"It is as a profound, complex letter, as brutal as it is complex, as Catholic as it is reformed, as conservative as it is radical"

Cruddas then goes on to say:

"It cannot be the case that any criticism of capitalism is received as being left-wing Keynesian Welfarism, and any public sector reform as an attack on the poor. This is precisely what the letter warns against, and it is a dismal reality of our public conversation that it has been received in that way."

What is significant about this is that John Cruddas is head of the Labour Party policy review. That means that he has significant influence over party policy. Are we going to see this "Blue Labour" ideology begin to take precedence?

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