Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Greens launch election 2015 campaign

The Green Party have officially launched their general election 2015 campaign, with the party set to stand in nearly all constituencies. It is set to stand in "More than 90%" of seats this time around, according to party sources, with the number continuing to rise as local parties finalise selection of prospective parliamentary candidates this week.

The Green Party has recently polled at an average of 8%, and there are no signs that it is set to decrease, with party leader Natalie Bennet making a major speech this morning, focusing on the 6 electoral themes her party will be using.

“Something profound is happening in British Politics. The old way of doing things is falling apart as the politics of hope triumphs over the politics of fear. The Green Party wants to create a political system that puts the public first and we believe we have the means to achieve that ambition. Our membership numbers have soared, our poll ratings are the best for a generation and we’re going to be fighting our biggest, boldest campaign ever. It’s a truly exciting time to be part of The Green Party.”

Recent local election results suggest that the party is in play in 3 major constituencies, Brighton Pavillion, where Caroline Lucas was elected in 2010, Norwich South, and Bristol West. In Bristol West, Darren Hall has become increasingly optimistic about his chances. Recent constituency polls have put Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and Green Party all close together.

Hall said: “In Bristol the sense of change is palpable. Our membership numbers have surged, and people from across the city are getting involved in my campaign. The fact is that people like our policies – our job is to make sure they hear about them. The momentum is with us in Bristol, as it is across the UK, and these next ten weeks will, no doubt, be very exciting.”

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